Comments and limitations

  • Model built with measurements taken with SCiO V1.2.
  • Model suitable only for V1.2 devices (SCiO V1.1 result as outliers when measuring green peppers)
  • Hot peppers may result in inaccurate results

Supported Products and Specifications

Supported productsFresh sweet peppers (bell, capsicum, bull horn etc)
Scan with the light source in contact with, or as close as possible to the outer peel, not the inner flesh.
Unsupported productsCooked, boiled, ground, frozen peppers.
Other vegetables and fruits
Distance from scanContact or 1 cm/.5 inches
product preparation before scanRemove from packaging
Sample temperature range41-82F (5-28 C)


Sweet/mild pepper varieties (bell, capsicum, bull horn)

Version: V1
Date: September 2016
Supported Devices: 1.2



Model NameModel descriptionRange and units
sweet_pepper_BRIXBRIX values of sweet peppers4-11 BX per 100 g