Comments and limitations

  • Model is for V1.2 devices
  • After testing, model works on V1.1 when scanning in direct contact only. Non contact scans might result as outliers.

Supported Products and Specifications

Supported productsFresh, unpeeled plums
Unsupported productsCooked, boiled, ground, frozen plums.
Other vegetables and fruits
Distance from scanSCiO V 1.2 - contact or 1 cm/ .5 inch
SCiO V1.1 - contact only
Product preparation before scanDo not measure through packaging
Sample temperature range41 F - 82.4 F (5 - 28 C)


Version: V1
Date: August 2016
Supported Devices: SCiO 1.1, 1.2


Model NameModel DescriptionRange and Units
Plum_BRIXBRIX values of plums7-22 BX per 100 g