Busy and exciting times here at Consumer Physics, so I apologize for my delay in posting on the blog! As many of you know, we have begun shipping prototypes to SCiO Researcher backers in the past few weeks and we had an incredible meetup in San Francisco last month. We have also been hacking improvements […]

Another blog post, but this time, we are asking for your feedback as future developers! We’d appreciate if you can answer a few questions that will help us continue to focus our development efforts and deliver the optimal product. If you backed us on Kickstarter with the Developer or Researcher Kit, or if you pre-purchased […]

Welcome to the new SCiO Developer Blog! My name is Hagai Heshes and I’m responsible for the developer community at Consumer Physics. The team and I will be blogging here to keep you informed about the SDK, provide behind the scenes insights into our own development process, share technical information and, in general, keep you […]