In addition to the scanning instructions as shown above, here are some of the best practice tips and tricks from other SCiO users in the field.

When you get this…Do this:
CalibrationCalibrate your SCiO with the SCiO Cover.
Weak SignalYou are trying to scan something that has almost no reflectance. Try from a different angle or pick a new sample material.
Invalid ScanHold SCiO steady, make sure the illumination light is pointed at your sample, make sure your SCiO is the correct distance from the sample (1cm/0.5”) from sample. If in direct sunlight, shade your SCiO or try to block some of the light.
SCiO doesn’t show up in your phone sync list Turn your phone Bluetooth off and then back on. Turn SCiO off and then back on.
SCiO flashes red and won’t turn onYour SCiO needs power. Charge!