VersionV1 + V2
Date: Sept. 2016
Supported Devices: SCiO 1.2



Model NameModel descriptionRange and units
Grapes_BRIXBRIX values of grapes9-24g per 100g

Comments and limitations

  • This model created with SCiO version 1.2, but can also work with SCiO v. 1.1.
  •  Other fruits and vegetables will not always be detected as outliers, and an incorrect value will be displayed.

Supported Products and Specifications


Supported productsAll types of fresh grapes.
Scan with the light source in direct contact with the grape peel, not the flesh.
Unsupported productsCooked, boiled, ground, frozen grapes
Other vegetables and fruits
Distance from scanWhen scanning single grapes, scan with the light source in direct contact with the peel, not the flesh.
Ensure the light source touches the fruit only, and doesn’t light up the surrounding area.
SCiO V1.2 - if scanning a bunch of grapes, scan from a distance of no more than 1 cm/.5 inches
Product preparation before scanRemove from packaging
Sample temperature range41-82F (5-28 C)