Comments and limitations

  • App created for SCiO v.1.1 use only
  • Scanning through transparent packaging is optional but will increase error.
  • Meat is not a homogenous sample, scanning different locations will produce different results.
  • Estimation accuracy for some models is degraded for certain products. We suggest presenting a “lower than” notification.
Model NameLimitations
FreshBeef_fatFat less than 3%
FreshBeef_proteinProtein less than 3%

Supported Products and Specifications

Supported products Raw beef
Unsupported products (results can have a relatively large error) Frozen cuts, internal parts, processed (sausages), fish
Distance from sample 0.5’’ (1 cm)
Sample temperature range41- 80F (5-28 C)


Version: V5
Production Rel: June 2016
Supported Devices: SCiO 1.1


Model NameModel descriptionRange and units
FreshBeef_fatFat content of beef2-90 g per 100g
FreshBeef_proteinProtein content of beef1-23 g per 100g
FreshBeef_caloriesEnergy of beef100-800 Kcal per 100g
FreshBeef_waterWater content of beef 12-75 g per 100g