Create a Scan

Scans are the building blocks of Samples, from which we create a Data Collection, and from there build models. So in order to create a new scan, a data collection has to exist within your SCiO Lab collection into which to scan. Samples are therefore created within the Data Collection you choose when you take your first scan.

To create a scan in the SDK:

  1. From SCiO Lab mobile, tap the data collection you want to scan into.
  2. Tap NEW SAMPLE.
  3. Complete the attributes of the sample you intend to scan. Don’t forget the photo!
  4. Tap NEXT.
  5. Calibrate if needed.
  6. Position your Sample and your SCiO and tap SCAN.
  7. Scan the sample from slightly different angles up to 3 times.
  8. When finished, tap DONE.

Your scan(s) are now saved and a new sample has been created.  To access the scans, select the sample and choose any one of the scans you created from the scan list. To add further scans to a sample, tap the  + button in the bottom right corner.