Comments and limitations

  • App created for SCiO v.1.1 and SCiO v. 1.2 use only
  • Center pill in small object holder.
  • Do not grind or cut the pill
  • Reduced accuracy with gel caps

Supported products and specifications

Supported products 1. Aspirin
2. Aspirin low dose
3. Acetaminophen
4. Acetaminophen low dose
5. Acetaminophen & Caffeine
6. Acetaminophen & Diphenhydramine
7. Acetaminophen &Guaifenesine
8. Aspirin & Acetaminophen
9. Acetaminophen, Aspirin & Caffeine
10. Ibuprofen
11. Ibuprofen low dose
12. Ibuprofen & Diphenhydramine
Unsupported productsSuspensions, powders
Distance from sample Use Small Object Holder
Sample temperature range65- 80F (18-28 C)

Pain Reliever Classification

Version: V4
Supported Devices: SCiO 1.1, SCiO 1.2
*Note: this model should NOT be used for medical purposes


Model NameModel descriptionRange and units
PainRelievers_12Classify pain reliever pills into 12 groupsClassification model only