The new scan data is sent to the cloud together with the model ID to be analyzed.

To retrieve the model ID from ScioLab use the ScioCloud.getModels() methods, and create the ScioCloudModelsCallback methods:

  • onSuccess(): Returns a list of all ScioModels associated with the user’s SCiO account. Use this model ID to send to the cloud to compare with the scanned sample.
  • onError(): Returns the error message.

The following code sample shows how to retrieve the model ID:aliqua

public void getModels(final ScioCloudModelsCallback scioCloudModelsCallback) {

  scioCloud.getModels(new ScioCloudModelsCallback () {
      public void onSuccess(final List<ScioModel> models) {
          for (ScioModel model : models) {
              Log.d("DemoApp","Model ID="+model.getId()+"  Name="+model.getName());

      public void onError(int errorCode, String message) {
          Log.i("DemoApp", "get models on Error");
          Log.i("DemoApp", "----->" + message);