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    Hi Ayelet,


    I am hoping you can help me… I have been communicating with Miriam off and on for several months, and have several inquiries in to support. I am getting nowhere and I have a product with customers and funding who are very angry with me. I have a need to measure brix in wine and beer fermentation and I need to submerse the unit. Miriam had told me she could get me one of your first liquid vessels, but then came back and said there was a delay. My last reply from her said there was now a liquid kit that I could purchase and to let her know, so I replied immediately asking to purchase this. This was some weeks ago and I have not even had a reply. Further, I have asked several times about the process of upgrading to a researcher license, as I understand I may need that for the cloud work I am doing (we have our own cloud). Miriam had also said she was copying support on my liquid questions and they would be able to help me. Again, not a single response from your company. I am about to loose hundreds of thousands of dollars on my product. I bought your developer kit at your company’s suggestion and assurance. Here again are my questions:

    1. How do I get the liquid kit ASAP?

    2. How do I upgrade to a researcher license, do I need to? (I can describe further my process)

    3. I believe I have an SCiO 1.0 (part number CP-SC001), do I need a 1.1? Do I need one of these newer dev kits?

    4. I was told there was some info available from your work on alcohol content measurement, please elaborate?

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    Hi Ayelet,


    I have an application which requires measuring sugar content such as the brix scale during fermentation. I had been communicating with Miriam regarding the liquid attachment, but she has just come back and said there are problems, so it will not be available now. I was going to use this as a starting point, but the end application will require the SCiO to be enclosed in a liquid proof vessel and emersed in the liquid. Miriam recommended glass over plastic. We are fine with fabricating the vessel ourselves, but I am trying to get any help possible on how far the SCiO needs to sit from the outer transparent wall and if it needs any special focusing, and any other thoughts you may have.


    Thanks Much,


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    This is very interesting to me as well.

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    This would be very helpful to my company as well…

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