Welcome to the SCiO SDK
April 29, 2015

SCiO Software Development Kit

SCiO Universe is comprised of a multitude of software and hardware components to enable you to quickly get to work.

SCiO Universe

Each component within SCiO Universe is explained below:


Product Function

SCiO Sensor

World’s first handheld molecular sensor. Contains SCiO optical head, Illumination LED, temperature sensor, wireless antenna, internal rechargeable battery, on/off/mode button, charging LED and charge point.

SCiO Cover

Don’t leave home without it! Calibration device, cover and protective sleeve for your SCiO Sensor.

SCiO Solid Sample Holder

Ensures proper placement of capsules, pills, gems and small sample materials that might otherwise roll or move. The solid sample holder should NOT be used for liquids or non-solids of any type.

SCiO Charging Cable

Specially designed SCiO USB charging cable.


Product Function

SCiO Lab

SCiO web application for creation of forms, data analysis and discovery within SCiO Universe.

SCiO Lab Mobile

SCiO mobile application for sync capabilities between SCiO Sensor, and SCiO Cloud/Universe. Input of sample data, retrieval of scan data and review of scan results.

SCiO Apps

SCiO Universe Consumer Applications and additional functionality…coming soon!

SCiO Mobile SDK

SCiOs mobile app development environment, including APIs for building your own app models.

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