Developer Terms and Conditions The Development Molecular Sensing Models Trying to get a True/False element answer from a model.

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    I wanted to say “export” the data, and not “extract”… :whistle:


    Hi everyone,

    We recognize the need for this feature and are working on it on “full steam”. I hope we will be able to release this feature soon.

    Your questions and feature requests are making a difference when we prioritize our tasks, thank you for allowing us to make SCiO better!




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    Thanks for the answer!, we will be waiting!


    I agree, this sounds like a critical issue.

    Perhaps an option to compare with the general/public database to check for a closer match? Although I don’t know if I’d want to rely on an unknown mushroom to be non-poisonous, unless the SCiO is able to detect the actual poison.



    could you explain me from step 0 how to enter 3 pills and make it recognizible by scio ?

    i don’t know but everyyime it says need more samples, why the scio is not scanning enough times to meet the criteria, why pressing and creating samples over and over ?

    thank You …. all


    Hi Den,


    Generally speaking, a properly sized collection to provide meaningful results or analysis should include no less than 40 different samples and have 3 scans per sample (or more or less depending on your samples and your needs).


    Can you share what is the desired model you want to create? Would you like to classify 3 different pills?

    In this case, less than 40 samples is enough.



    The Consumer Physics Team


    Hi Guy,


    Any updates on how the new feature is coming along? Do you have a ballpark estimate of when we could hope to see it in ScioLab?





Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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