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    Interest on identification of any type of fibers.


    Hi Edmir,


    Just to let you know: SCiO can identify polymers textiles and fabrics, but with limitations. Colors may change the IR spectrum, making it impossible to identify the plastic (for example, many black plastics are not only black in the visible, but also in IR, so practically they have no spectral signature for SCiO to measure).


    Further research is required either by us or by one of you, the developers community.



    The ConsumerPhysics Team




    I scanned some jeans because … um, I had a bunch lying around and you need to scan something, right? Just to add to the previous post, black fabric (even when it’s fairly faded in the visual spectrum) gives a really low signal overall. And I was unable to see any effect of synthetic fiber mixed in with the denim (elastan). But otherwise it seemed to do fairly well at a glance. Too bad its not possible to share collections at current since I’ve run out of denim to scan in my household… =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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