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    I would like to build a simple model to classify two separate solid tablet types, C and S. I have built a collection of 3 scans of 40 different C samples AND 3 scans of 40 different S samples. I can only assume that I am not fully understanding the process. In my collection the 40 C samples are given the separate attribute (type) as C-1, C-2, C-3….C-40; the same for Sample S, S-1, S-2….S-40. Each one of these contains 3 scans as prescribed. Each subsequent C sample (> C-1) was collected using “Replicate Sample” since ultimately every C-X sample represents the same overall C sample class. Same was done for Sample S. During model building I was given the error that there was not enough samples.


    Can you please provide the correct procedure to build the following model, with the intent of being a classification of 2 solid samples?

    ad nauseum detail would be appreciated.

    Thank you.





    We highly recommend reading the ‘DevKit’ Workflow Manual’ (attached) as well as reading thoroughly the online guide, by clicking on the help button via SCiO Lab. The documents include all the relevant information.


    Let us know if you still get this error.



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