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    First, apologies for the delayed response from us, we had a backlog of support cases recently.

    1. We are undergoing some difficulties during the liquid accessory production process, hence the delays. However I will make sure that we will expedite your shipment and that you will be amongst the first on the shipping list.


    2. The SCiO Development Toolkit (DevKit) is designed to allow for building of material sensing applications using our cloud infrastructure.  As such, it does not support downloading of the spectral data. If you wish to download the spectral data (as a CSV file) you should be using our Researcher Kit. Researcher kits cost at $999.

    You can upgrade by transferring the amount into our PayPal account, for further details please contact me ( or support (


    3+4. Regarding 1.1 and the reading materials, we will send you the information via an e-mail.






    I was wondering about the v1.1….

    There is a very big question that no one has asked, and also wasn’t mention by the company:

    How about the apps that the consumerphysics puts out?

    There is no mention for how long there will be v1.0 compatible!

    Yes ok… if the developers want to work with their own apps, there will be no problem, and we can hold on our scio.

    But it will be very helpful (not to mention polite) to have the company say “ok.. all our apps will be v1 compatible so what you bought will not be useless” or “we will have v1 compatibility for 2 years”…





    So… I was searching the online guide, and I saw the “Consumer Physics Models” and I saw some models that are created, and there aren’t in my scio app…


    Looking closely I saw that all of them are Supported Devices:v1.1 or even v1.2 !!! Have I missed something? is there an other version?


    Also I suppose the ones I have in my scio app are previous versions that support the v1.0… and the newer versions models don’t support my scio?


    So again the question a little different: Will the Consumer Physics new models, or even the newest versions of older models, going to support the devices you send us? And are the models that you have already created (and now support v1.1 and v1.2) going to be updated to support the v1.0?


    Hi Ayelet,


    I have noticed that you mentioned a v1.2 sensor in a thread in the hardware section, where can we find out more about this? I am concerned about where it leaves developers who have the v1.0 sensor.





    Hi all,


    Certain applets such as the Produce Selector applet are indeed currently not supported by SCiO 1.0.

    However, we are evaluating the accuracy of the models and are looking into releasing it to our 1.0 SCiO users.


    We will keep you updated and notify you once new applets are released to 1.0 users.



    The Consumer Physics Team

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