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    We are trying to get the raw readings from SCIO. I set up Android Studio to grab the readings using the application, but the Bluetooth component doesn’t work on the Android emulator. Is there any way to grab the readings on my machine through bluetooth or through a direct wire to SCIO? (without developing an app)









    The answer was sent to you via e-mail as well.


    Assuming you referred to the android SDK, there is no way to get the raw data from SCiO using it.

    The only way to get the raw data is scanning using the app and exporting the data via SCiOlab web application.

    Once you export the data, you will get a CSV file with the raw data divided into three “batches”: Spectrum, wr_raw and sample_raw.

    The first batch of scans is the reflectance spectrum (R) – how much of the light is reflected back by the sample. The second batch is the raw signal from the sample (S), and the third is the raw signal from the calibration (C).

    In order to calculate reflectance we use this formula: R=S/C.


    Regarding communicating with SCiO via simulator, it is not recommended by us.

    You may use a regular device for this manner.


    Using Bluetooth without SDK is possible but we currently do not offer SCiO’s bluetooth API for purchasing.




    The Consumer Physics team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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