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    I’m interested in developing apps for testing marijuana for levels of THC and CBD’s

    As well if I can, to determine the strains or create ways to authenticate specific strain genetics.
    My aim is for commercial testers in dispensaries and farms as well as home editions for the connoisseurs.

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    My device has just arrived in the post and this is going to be my main project.

    i doubt i will be able to identify by strain but initially i am going to try produce a model which can identify THC , CBD and water by  % age, then possibly test for well known pesticides and other unpleasantries. i will try link/crosscheck my scans to Thin Layer Chromatography results (for accuracy) and share them once i have enough results.

    i also don’t expect instant results, this is going to be a long term project which could have major health benefits to all users, medical or otherwise.


    Hi Ben and Riel,


    We would like to share that Consumer Physics underwent deep investigation in this area in the last months and found that the active ingredients in cannabis are most likely not detectable in SCiO’s current wavelength.


    Please feel free to contact us with any further questions and comments.



    The Consumer Physics Team


    What is SCiO’s current wavelength?


    SCiO spectrometer works in NIR at wavelengths of 700-1100nm.






    Also interested in CBD and terpenes identification as I work on extracts. From what I’ve seen, there is a canadian company proposing that but I thought it could be feasable and less proprietary through scio. Look at



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