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    I have a question regarding login and would appreciate any input on this.


    Logging into SCIO through the provided code from othe login api (one with the if accessToken == null block), gives a AuthenticationNeeded Error. The message indicates the uri has to be changed.


    I was wondering if you could give any pointers as to where the error might be? (format of the uri, etc.)


    One thing to note is that if I type the uri directly into the browser it displays the success screen, so it is not a connection problem.


    The error in the attachment comes up right after filling the id/password fields and pressing the login button.



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    Hi Min,


    The problem has been transferred to our software team and we will update soon.



    The Consumer Physics Team


    Hi Min,


    We need more information in order to track the problem:

    – Did you use the exact same redirect url path as in the web application?

    – Can you provide us with the redirect url path you inserted so that we will be able to validate it?

    – Can you please send us your e-mail address here or to our e-mail:




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