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    I am using the iPhone 6+ running OS 8.3


    I have been using this app pretty consistently for about a week now.  Just recently I started having unresponsiveness on the phone.  I checked what was running and what it was using and found SCiO lab used 68% of my resources.  I closed the app, using Battery Doctor cleared the casche and freed up the memory.  That returned the phone to running normal.


    The phone slowdown is HIGHLY unusual for me because other than SCiO lab, battery doctor, and pandora all the other apps I use are native apps.  This in itself is nothing to worry about, but notifying the technical team may allow them to find an issue “by accident”.


    I am using a Macbook Pro, OSx 10.10.2, Safari 8.04 :

    I have a model that will lock a session up.  It may work itself out by deleting it and re-creating it but I wanted to give you the opportunity to look at it.



    Hi redwingii,


    First, we apologize for the delayed response.

    Are you still facing the phone slowdown? and the model issue?


    Please provide us your e-mail address so we can analyse these issues.



    The ConsumerPhysics team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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