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    How small can be molecules to be resolvable? I assume it would work on ly for parts per hundreds. How long will it take to reach ppt and ppm-level accuracy by refining your technology  – 5 years of development, less?





    SCiO typically detects materials in concentrations of 1% or higher. Concentration levels of 1% or less may also be feasible for some materials, however this is very rare.

    The exact specifications depend on the SCiO application being used and material being analyzed.


    The accuracy depends on the application and on the quality and size of the database. The greater the specificity and the higher number of scans in the database, the more accurate the application will be. For example, an item containing few components, such as a mixture of water and sugar, will be considered more specific and therefore its application will generally be more accurate than that of juice, which largely contains water and sugar but also various additional ingredients.


    Improving SCiO’s accuracy is definitely on our roadmap, both software and hardware improvements are under development at the moment. This may affect SCiO capability to detect substances in lower concentrations more accurately.



    The ConsumerPhysics Team





Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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