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    Hi, Ayelet:

    Would you tell me, how do I do: for running A number of SCiO Sensors at the same time to share the analysis model that be created by myself on the SCiO Lab?

    In addition, SCiO Sensor measuring 10 times, have to perform a calibration procedure. When the SCiO Sensor is used for commercial purposes, usually need to measure many materials, each performed 10 times of measurement, the need for 1 calibration, this is a very tedious work. Can adjust or reduce the frequency of calibration procedures?





    Hi J.G,


    I apologize for the delayed response.


    Once you create your own model and wish to publish it, you may use our Mobile SDK and develop a corresponding App, then upload it to the App Store or Google Play.


    According to our records you use v1.0 device. Note that v1.1 and v1.2 devices require only 1 initial calibration, as opposed to v1.0 devices that require calibration every 10 scans.

    We have send you an e-mail that provides you with more details regarding the improved version.


    Let me know if you have further questions.



    The Consumer Physics Team


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