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    Hi there,

    How can i get collections? And what is the purpose of using API KEY here? Does ScioLoginActivityuses it ?

    Whenever i run scioCloud.getModels() method, it always returns same list of objects (no matter with what account you are logged in)


    Hi Haris,


    Apologies for the delayed response. We underwent some difficulties tracking the forum due to spam mail.


    The collections are not available via the mobile SDK, only models can be used.

    You can access your collections via SCiO Lab app.


    getModels method returns the list of models associated to the app key, not the account.

    The login process (and other APIs) uses the API key to identify the developer account which holds all the models.

    Therefore, it doesn’t matter which user is used to login, if the same API key is used, you will always get the developer models.


    I hope it’s clear now.


    The Consumer Physics Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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