Developer Terms and Conditions The Development Molecular Sensing Models How are selected materials to integrate the database?

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    I believe that designing the hardware is not the most difficult task for this project. It will be the selection of materials to add to the database. Being realistic, you cannot add every single meat, fruit, drink, food, cheese, oil, animal, vegetable, stone, liquid, drug, pill, etc, etc, etc over this world.


    If we scan a material not included in your database, we won’t get a match. So how and who decides what to add? I’m thinking about a device that involves scanning pills, drinks, fruits, and nutritional complements. However it as affected by nations, mores, legality, distribution, accessibility, regulations, approval, etc.




    LOL… the hardware ….


    I think it is better conceptualized as an awesome microscope.  All kinds of things are really cool to look at and you can learn a lot.  But like a microscope, to really use it, you have to either know what your looking at or looking for patterns.  This isn’t to have a knowledge base with everything in the world, not at this stage, but a new tool, like a microscope, to get data about what your interested.


    I can look at a fruit and usually tell what kind it is, but what I can’t see is the fructose content.  In the end, this isn’t to tell the difference between an apple and tomato (they are very close I think?) but to be able to pick the sweetest apples and use the rest for applesauce.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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