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    CP has been able to identify the bug and fix it.


    If I had thought of it before now, I would have just downloaded the DB, described the errors, print screens of the error and send it to CP.  Thats what CP needed to get my error addressed.  It makes sense, this reporting style should be our standard operating procedure and it let CP address things more rapidly.


    Good Proposal! May I add that we should mention which OS, + browser + smartphone model as applicable.
    Android especially – as they have such a huge range of variations and OS versions.
    Maybe CP could create a standard form reporting issues that includes all these elements.
    I do like the way that the smartphone feedback includes an automatic screenshot – smart indeed.


    Great idea! We’ll look into it.


    Had another one, I have already sent CP the downloaded database and screen shots of the initial error along with the error I received after a refresh


    Ill let you all know if they ask me for something else

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