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    Gaurav Mishra



    If I have a SCiO address saved in my app and everytime I try to connect through my android mobile app, it connects without any error. But when I try to connect a new SCiO, it does not connect unless I kill the app and try again. Steps taken while connecting to a new SCiO are :

    1. Try to connect to the SCiO whose address is saved in my SharedPreferences.

    2. Timeout occurs and discover for available SCiO.

    3. Once the SCiO is selected from the available list, I save it in my SharedPreference.

    4. When I try to connect to this saved SCiO each time, timeout occurs.




    Hi Gaurav,


    The problem was transferred to our software team.

    It might take some time for them to investigate the issue – we will keep you updated.

    Note that we have sent you an e-mail regarding other errors you have encountered recently (during the models creation process).


    Thanks for your patience and understanding,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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