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    When I output my collection as a .csv there are three batches of data – like this:
    spectrum_740.0        1.0076935
    wr_raw_740.0           461.82028
    sample_raw_740.0   168.53156
    According to an entry on this forum:

    “Once you export the data, you will get a CSV file with the raw data divided into three “batches”: Spectrum, wr_raw and sample_raw.

    The first batch of scans is the reflectance spectrum (R) – how much of the light is reflected back by the sample. The second batch is the raw signal from the sample (S), and the third is the raw signal from the calibration (C).

    In order to calculate reflectance we use this formula: R=S/C.”

    But, 1.0076935 is not equal to 461.8208 / 168.53156….

    So I thought perhaps it would work from the averages across all wavelengths for that scan:

    Average spectrum:       1.00009604

    Average wr_raw:          145.141416

    Average sample_raw:   52.72259867

    And again, R=S/C does not work…
    Can you please explain?

    Dear Emily,


    This bug was fixed by our software team (as we also updated you via e-mail :good: ).

    Please let us know if you encounter with more problems.



    The Consumer Physics Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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