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    I think it would help user efficiency to be able to populate the database with imported, pre-scan attributes (Name of Substance; Source of Sample; etc.)  from a CVS file prior to scanning. Especially when scanning a large number of samples. In this way, one would only have to enter in site specific data, i.e. Temperature, at the time of scanning. This would cut down the time in the field. Is this being worked on currently or are there plans for future implementation?




    As you probably have noticed alraeady – this feature has been implemented and now available in SCiO Lab.

    You need to access the ‘Samples’ tab and choose ‘Import Data’


    1. The first step is to choose the relevant file (as a CSV file)

    Inline image 1

    2. Make sure to mark the unique sample identifier – in this case ‘Sample Name’

    Inline image 2

    3. Choose the relevant mapping: attribute<>column
    In this case, you will need choose ‘Sample Name’ next to ‘sample_name’, as following (the rest of the fields were automatically identified):

    Inline image 1

    4. Imported successfully

    Inline image 2


    The Consumer Physics Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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