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    A question about the collection system.
    Is it at its final form? Are there any planned changes?

    First – I was wondering if it’s possible to add a hierarchy system. For instance – Fruit Collection that will hold data for different fruits (let’s say I want to create a system that recognizes different fruits), each fruit will also have sub-collections (peel\surface, pulp, seed, stem, etc…).
    As it is now, as I understand it, every collection is just mashed up together in the main collections tab. It also makes it difficult to try different collections without getting a huge messy list.

    Second – What about parameter description? When we create a parameter we have its name and type\options. I’d love it if we could also describe what each parameter means, maybe even what each option means (in lists and the like).

    Third – Picture parameter. Either attach a picture, or have a picture list to choose from (picture, emote, etc…).

    I do not think I am the first (among the users, and definitely not among the developers!) to think up such options – so this brings me back to my first question – What are the planned changes? ETD?

    I also wonder if other users have any other ideas suggestions they might want to share? (Or even devs thoughts about possible features).




    There are many planned features in our road map for SCiO lab applications.

    We recommend collecting specific data in each data collection and there are no plans to create sub-collections at the moment.

    Regarding the other features request – thanks, it will be transferred to our Product Manager.




    The Consumer Physics Team




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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