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    Would it be possible to use SCIO to check chemical contamination such as pesticides on farm produce that is sold in the market. Using SCIO we want to develop an app which not only shows calories of a product but detect and show harmful chemicals if present.



    Generally speaking, SCiO detects materials in concentrations of 1% or higher. While SCiO can do better in some cases, the typical concentrations of pesticide residue are much smaller than 1%. Therefore, SCiO does not support the detection of pesticide residue at this time.



    I understand completely that this device is not intended for resolution under 1%.  BUT  ..  The current home pesticide test is real simple, but expensive.  Here is a link



    Now the basic chemistry is adding a solution to the substance and checking a color..  But your not really checking a color,  your looking to see if there is a chemical reaction that changes color with concentrations.  Now it takes (roughly depending on the test) 5ML of “stuff” and a few ML of “these stuff”,  there is a better way.


    If instead of scanning your veggies directly, put .005 letter’s on a test strip and wipe the veggie and then scan the strip….  Strips like this should be able to be made for fractions of a penny.  You only need enough “Stuff” to get to 1% to have the SCiO get to fractions of fractions with a little help…


    Am I on to something here ??





    I have just found out about SCIO a few minutes ago. Wow!

    The first thing I thought about when I saw SCIO was exactly the same: will it be possible to scan food for harmful chemicals like pesticides etc. ? If that would be possible I think SCIO would be even more interesting for not only ordinary people but for the food-industry, grocery-stores etc. Imagine that one could scan fruit in the supermarket and find out if it was contaminated with poison. It would be possible for the consumers to demand food without chemicals!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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