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    I’m considering live blood sample scans – specifically to detect toxic substance spectral signatures. My goal is trying to find a low cost and predictable, reliable and fast way to quantify heavy metal toxins in blood sample.

    Would be interesting to develop an device that will be able to scan gas samples with scio




    Dr. Tan



    Dear Dr. Tan,


    Generally speaking, metal does not allow light in. Everything is reflected off the surface, which means SCiO won’t have any molecular fingerprint when scanning a piece of metal  and the current configuration of SCiO most likely won’t support metal detection or metal toxins in matters.


    As for gas scanning, SCiO is not designed for the scanning of gaseous materials. The reflectance of them is too small and they are usually very diluted. This would require a very long optical path in order to receive a decent signal.



    The ConsumerPhysics Team




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