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    Are there any other dietary supplement companies out there who are looking to use the SCIO for verification of raw materials (herbs, minerals, vitamins, etc)?


    Have you built any models yet? If so, which ingredients? We’re working on hyaluronic acid and a few amino acids like beta alanine, citrulline malate and acetyl l-carnitine but may also try building models for some herbs like fenugreek, raspberry leaf, hawthorn leaf, and turmeric but my confidence in the scio’s ability to accurate classify herbs is a bit less than that for single molecule ingredients like amino acids.


    Hi Chris,


    I run a small supplement company and am definitely interested in using this device in manufacturing, shipping/receiving, etc. Though I cannot pretend to know much about the SCIO and how it works, I assume that it’d be relatively easy to create a profile of certain herbs based on scans you’ve done on several samples. Then you’d be able to cross reference new scans to a generally reliable profile you’ve created on those herbs in the past.


    I’m not sure how easy it would be to create a program to recognize an herb from thousands of herbs, but I imagine it would be easier to use the SCIO to confirm identity rather than determine identity.

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