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    I am curious if I could analyze a liquid sample. Not pure water but a sample that contains organic matter.

    Can anyone provide me with an example output file of data?

    What is the wavelength range that is scanned?


    I am curious as well.  I tried assessing sugar water – evolution in stages of candymaking.  There was not enough reflected signal.  I haven’t tried non-transparent liquids.


    Hi all,


    Please note that the analysis of liquids requires a liquid accessory to provide the best quality measurement of the special optical characteristics of liquids. The liquid accessory will be available in our online store by the end of Fabuary.



    The Consumer Physics Team


    In the mean time what should be the best way to measure liquids?


    Best guess:

    The problem with liquids is probably the high IR absorptivity of water. So aqueous solutions will probably give a low signal. Try loading the small sample holder with a little (just barely covering the middle indentation) of the solution you are trying to analyze and see what the sensor makes of it? (You’ll have to clean out the holder carefully between samples, so it’s going to be a bit inconvenient, but it would be a start…)

    Start with analyzing the same liquid a couple of times and see whether the results are consistent (whether the curves have a similar shape) before you analyze different liquids.

    Oh, and let us know what you find out!



    Any news about liquid accessory?

    We are building a database of liquid with the solid accessory. It’s working fine but sometimes it looses part of liquid (obviously)

    I though it will be ready by the end of february  :unsure:




    We are undergoing some difficulties during the liquid accessory production process, hence the delays.

    We will keep you updated.




    Thank you for the update on the liquid sampling accessory.  To what does the commentary on the forum  “Home>hardware>Transmittance mode for liquid samples” refer?


    The commentary refers to a liquid accessory prototype which was sent to a limited number of developers.


    The production grade SCiO which will be shipped shortly, is an improved version of the prototype and will be provided along with an FDA approval for food safety.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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