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    Francisco del Pino

    It is known that sugar is not good for health.
    SCIO could determine the total amount of sugar existing industrial food and soft drinks?

    SCIO vera truth labels calories of food industrial products ??


    But to get SCIO to recognize the sugar, we would end up using the number on the box.  I don’t know how sugar, fructose, sucrose, and all those other kinds would be measured?  Not all “sugar” is created equal.  I was trying to decide how to quantify a subjective value like sweetness or sour.  Grapes of all kinds depending on all kinds of factors will taste in a range of flavors and they all don’t taste exactly the same even in the same bunch.


    Any professional wine tasters able to chime in?


    Sugar is ESSENTIAL for health. The effect of a certain amount of sugar depends upon proportions, other nutrients, gut environment, DNA genome and probably many other conditions.



    Hi all,


    For food products that exist in our database, and if a relevant application was developed, the total carbohydrates content is detectable using SCiO. Currently, our applications include nutritional values of various fruits, vegetables and dairy products. As our database expands we plan to introduce other food related apps such a drinks, meats, fruit ripeness and more.


    If you would like to know the total amount of carbohydrates in a specific food, you will need to know its total size or weight, similar to other nutrition measurement apps, as measurements will be provided by serving size and/or 100 grams.


    As mentioned, SCiO is a learning device. The values that should be populated in the database should be based on chemical analysis  conducted by laboratories, rather than based on the product label values.



    The Consumer Physics Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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