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    We hosted an amazing first Meetup in Tel-Aviv where Consumer Physics’ team members met with a group of Kickstarter backers and future SCiO developers. Meeting our backers face to face and the entire meetup experience was fantastic and we are excited to plan similar future events.

    The Meetup was divided into 3 segments:

    1. First, Damian, our CTO, introduced Spectroscopy 101 and gave an overview of the foundations of SCiO’s optical technology.
    2. Members of our R&D team then shared an overview of the SCiO SDK (Software Development Kit), explaining the workflow and infrastructure.
    3. After lunch, we held a hands-on demo session and gave everyone a chance to scan, build a data collection, and work with SCiO and the SDK.

    The reaction from the participants was outstanding. We are grateful for the questions, the feedback, and all of the suggestions that we received; they were most fulfilling.

    Here is a link to a short video from the event YouTube Link


    Hi Hagai


    please tel me where will the next SCIÒ show in EU ?




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