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    We buy a SCIO, and a android_SDK is attached.  Now, we want to develop a android app based on the  java code of  android_SDK. In the process we want to get the raw spectral data, but we just get a series of character string like the attached figures. What is the relationship exist between the character string and raw spectral data?  Look forward to your reply! Thank you!  Best wishes!

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    You posted the same Question twice. (see: )


    As seen here:  the Data is only available with a researchers license. So what do you think? Do you think consumerphysics wants you to buy a researchers license for data export but gives you the data free in the Android SDK? I think no.


    It would be fine to get an official answer if you get access to the SCIOreading object of the android SDK when you buy the researchers license or not. Without researchers license hell no.

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