Hi Todd,


First, our vision is to implement SCiO as an embedded sensor in many consumer devices, including smart phones.

SCiO is on par with high-end spectrometers working in the same spectral range (and even shows better performance in some cases).


Our consumer app which will be released in the near future, will include:

– A number of food nutrition analysis applets, for example analyzing the nutritional values of dairy and meat products.

– Identification applets, such as the ability to identify and analyze pills.

– An application that allows you to work with the spectrometer by collecting material data and building analysis applets for your own materials.


After the first version is released, new applications will be developed and released regularly. Some of the applications planned for development include an evaluation of produce, sugar and ethanol content in drinks. At the same time, we will continue to broaden our existing application databases, such as increasing the number of pills (which already stands at +/- 250 OTC pills). Additional applications are also under research, such as ones for breads and body fat percentage.


Finally, it should be noted that as s a developer, you can create your own mobile apps that uses SCiO. DietSensor is just one example of 3rd party application which is based on our sensor and platforms. Check out:  www.dietsensor.com


I hope that it was helpful.



The Consumer Physics Team