Omar Stradella



Are you sure that you want to release an app to identify pills? Without a % confidence for the prediction it would be very dangerous because a pill not in your database will still be classified as one in the database. Even with a % confidence I would probably not rely on the app to tell me if an unknown pill is one of the ones in the database. I would stay clear of any medical apps if I were you, even with disclaimers, we don’t want you to get sued.


You said: “3. Therefore, in order to share your models with others, a corresponding application must be developed and released to the public via App store or Google store.” But I think I remembered that you said during the campaign that we there would be 2 ways to create apps. One is via the SDK and the iOS App and Google stores, but the other way was going to be as  an “app inside your app”. Have the plans for this been scratched?