Thank you for the blog and video.  They were very informative.


At the end of the video it states that applications can be developed that can utilize models created by me, Consumer Physics, or by the developer community.  I am very interested in the ability to use models generated by others.  Currently, I have only seen the “Hard Cheese” model from Consumer Physics.  For models from Consumer Physics,


1)  Are there more models available from Consumer Physics?  A library of such models would be very helpful.  If so, could you please provide details on where to find them?

2)  Will there be more models released in the future?  If so, is there a list of planned models and a schedule?  Even an estimated number of new models per month/year would be useful.


For models from the developer community,


1)  We have been unable to determine what developer models are available or how to access them.  Could you please provide details?

2)  Is there, or will there be, a repository where developers can place their models for others to use, validate, and possibly add to or improve upon?

3)  Exactly how can these models be shared?  Is it necessary to create an application that somehow accesses the other developer’s models?  Or can the models and or scans, be transferred from one account to another in the SCiO Lab?


Additional models,


1)  Are there any third-party sources for models?  Being able to pay for access to a large library of tested, accurate models could be very useful.  If this exists, could you please provide details on these sources and, if possible, what models they can provide?

2)  Is it possible for a developer to create a library of models that could then be shared with others, without the need for creating an application?  If not, is there a plan for allowing this?