Hi all!


Plant nutrient and soil analysis are interesting fields for SCiO which we are exploring. Specifically as it relates to the above mentioned substances, further experimentation and model development is needed. This can be done either by us or by you and other members in the developers community with our SCiO Development Kit (Devkit).

Two things should be taken into consideration when working towards an application such as the one you have suggested. First, as SCiO can only detect components in concentrations which are above 1%, some micro-nutrients will not be detectable. This requires further research. In addition, it should be noted that building the database for such an application requires access to samples and their chemical characteristics.

Improving SCiO’s accuracy is definitely on our roadmap, both software and hardware improvements are under development at the moment. This may affect SCiO capability to detect substances in lower concentrations more accurately.



The ConsumerPhysics Team