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It’s ugly, it’s mostly hand made but it is 100% PTFE. In an attempt to make scanning liquids (and potentially other things) as reliable as possible I’ve created a PTFE scanning box. It will be interesting to see if it makes any difference by removing all but one background spectra.

Now a question- My PTFE box will have a reflective signature, however small. As will the container with water. If I scan those two things in a separate model I won’t be able to “subtract” them from anything I want to scan, other than looking at them visually and deciding which range they have a signature and NOT using it as a differentiator for the thing I want to scan.


It would be very useful to have a “background” element to a model so this could be scanned as an addition to a model and subtracted as part of a differentiator model.

Use the the bank note test is a good example- Build my model in controlled environment with PTFE background get a very good isolated spectrum, a truly representative scan. In the real world I’m not going to carry a PTFE jig around with me, just the scio and phone. When I scan a note in the real world it will be placed on a surface and, because notes are thin, it will reflect from the background as well as the note.

I would like to be able to do a “background” scan which is just the surface alone then add the note and subtract the background from it giving an isolated spectrum of the note.

Is this on the development road map? Or is it something I would need to code?

Many things need to be able to isolate the environment from the target.

Any thoughts?

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