I think it might be able to do that, but you would literally need to scan EVERY BITE,  then it would only register if there is more than 5%..  Yes, the SCiO can detect to 1%ish but to screen false positives the cutoff between safe and death needs to be there.  But nobody can guarantee a cutoff point.  SCiO is NOT a medical device and shouldn’t be relied on for life and death problems.  Keep it light, like is this going to be a sweet grape, or tart.  But again what exactly is sweet?



It has been demonstrated that the closer to the equator, more spices used in food.  The closer to the poles use less spice.  The general consensus is that food spoils faster the closer you get to the equator so more spice is needed to keep the food safe.  The poles have natural refrigeration most of the year…