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rejsharp has it right,  the first step is to identify what EXACTLY are you trying to figure out.  Think of the SCiO as a really fancy microscope.  You can just look at stuff and see how cool it is, or you can look for something specific and cure cancer ( oddly enough it seems marijuana kills cancer cells ).   The SCiO takes a microscopic picture that is seen in a graph of wavelength .vs. intensity.  The picture is beautiful, but like fine art, there is a special something that makes a Jackson Pollock worth millions while the drips from my paint won’t make me a dime.


The good thing is your thinking this through too hard.  Think of the SCiO as an AI (artificial intelligence) microscope.  To make good use you first need to “teach” the computer.  So you show it (the SCiO)  the color blue (scan) and tell it ‘this is blue’.  You proceed to show and tell it what its looking at for all the 65 million colors.  After ‘teaching’ it the colors, then you can “TEST MODEL” and point the SCiO at something and it can tell you what color it is.


This seems absurdly easy, it is, for you, not a brainless stupid machine.  But the machine has better eye sight, it can see colors like we do, but it can also see the vibrations of molecules.  So when we ‘teach it’, it can not only see color, but which bonds between molecules are vibrating.  All this information makes us able to see the art, not just the picture.


Hope that helps, sometimes there is a language berrior.