I understand completely that this device is not intended for resolution under 1%.  BUT  ..  The current home pesticide test is real simple, but expensive.  Here is a link



Now the basic chemistry is adding a solution to the substance and checking a color..  But your not really checking a color,  your looking to see if there is a chemical reaction that changes color with concentrations.  Now it takes (roughly depending on the test) 5ML of “stuff” and a few ML of “these stuff”,  there is a better way.


If instead of scanning your veggies directly, put .005 letter’s on a test strip and wipe the veggie and then scan the strip….  Strips like this should be able to be made for fractions of a penny.  You only need enough “Stuff” to get to 1% to have the SCiO get to fractions of fractions with a little help…


Am I on to something here ??