Absolutely agree,

For my daughter and many others its an intolerance. If she ate say a pizza which is very high in gluten, she is going to have an upset stomach.

Many people with intolerance issues are not life threatening. Just that if the concentration of something is high enough, they will be on the toilet or come out in a rash.

In my daughters case. The issue is simply if the food producer at the restaurant has made a mistake and has put say regular pasta instead of gluten free pasta. She going to have a stomach ache. The detection I am stating will be in large volume and the worse case scenario. Is hey the food outlet got it wrong, the scanner missed it, hey never mind 😉 Best case it picks up on the error.

So keep away from life threatening disorders, but hey if we can work as a safety net to stop people going a bit red or having stomach cramps, brill.





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