Import & Export Meta-Data
September 11, 2016

To import and export meta-data, open your target data collection and select the Samples tab.

collections2-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics



You will see Import Data and Export Data buttons in the right hand corner.


Export Meta-Data

To export meta-data, click Export Data to download the data to a CSV file. Save the file to your computer.

Collections4-SCiO Lab


Import Meta-Data

1. To upload a CSV file with meta-data of your samples (instead of doing it in the web page or during scanning), click Import Data.

Note: You will need a unique identifier per sample in both cloud and CSV file.

Collections5-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics

2. Click Choose File and select the CSV file to upload.

Collections6-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics

3. Click Next.

Collections7-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics

4. Mark the column/s of the unique sample identifier/s to be used as reference values from your file and click Next.

Collections8-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics

5. Link the attributes you want to import values from your spreadsheet,

(this is done automatically when there is a full match between column header and attribute name) and click Import.

Your meta-data will be automatically imported.

Collections9-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics


6. Click Done to complete the import and load your collection scans.

Collection10-SCiO Lab - Consumer Physics


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