I started yesterday to play with my scio to measure alcohol in wines

first I am using medical alcohol at 90% and made dilutions

using a small polycarnonate cavity sticked on alumnium reflective foil  and micropipette to get  reproducible thickness I reach for the 0-90%  R2 =0.94

which is not too bad ( deviation of 6 % in volume )

for 8% to 33% R2 = 0.89 with about 2 % deviation

each time with only 6 samples repeated 2or 3 times

however we can’t hope a precision better than 1%

now I have to do this with water + sugar ( and then water alcohol and sugar )

problem I see is the shape of the meniscus with different chemical stuff in liquids

so best solution would be liquid between 2 plates but the upper one would absorbe part of the IR but to which extend ?

I don’t hope to measure anything else than sugar and alcool in beverage : the IR range is not large enough to get acids

( malic lactic acetic )


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