Hi Ayelet,


I am hoping you can help me… I have been communicating with Miriam off and on for several months, and have several inquiries in to support. I am getting nowhere and I have a product with customers and funding who are very angry with me. I have a need to measure brix in wine and beer fermentation and I need to submerse the unit. Miriam had told me she could get me one of your first liquid vessels, but then came back and said there was a delay. My last reply from her said there was now a liquid kit that I could purchase and to let her know, so I replied immediately asking to purchase this. This was some weeks ago and I have not even had a reply. Further, I have asked several times about the process of upgrading to a researcher license, as I understand I may need that for the cloud work I am doing (we have our own cloud). Miriam had also said she was copying support on my liquid questions and they would be able to help me. Again, not a single response from your company. I am about to loose hundreds of thousands of dollars on my product. I bought your developer kit at your company’s suggestion and assurance. Here again are my questions:

1. How do I get the liquid kit ASAP?

2. How do I upgrade to a researcher license, do I need to? (I can describe further my process)

3. I believe I have an SCiO 1.0 (part number CP-SC001), do I need a 1.1? Do I need one of these newer dev kits?

4. I was told there was some info available from your work on alcohol content measurement, please elaborate?