Hello Everybody!


I just purchased the SCiO primarily with this exact purpose in mind.  Not sure what all will be required, but I am intending to develop something to identify street samples of Methamphetamine, black tar Heroin, and Crack/Powdered Cocaine for purity, as well as adulterants. I understand someone will need to provide pure reference samples, and if that person happens to see this message, PLEASE contact me at somnitek@gmail.com! I really, really would like to talk to or work with you! I do have some background as an amateur chemist, and let’s just say that a murky associate, we’ll call him Mr. S, is more than able to provide a plethora of varying street samples over time.


Let me be the first to admit I really have a limited idea of what I’m getting into here, but I am motivated.  I have had a number of friends die from heroin overdoses (partly due to varying purity levels), and my own brother who has a horrendous Meth problem recently went into acute liver failure after he relapsed, due in large part to the adulterants in a recent batch going around my area.  He’s recovering alright now, and hopefully he’ll get another big chunk of clean time at least out of this.  The need for this feature is definitely there.  I very much want to see this function fully developed and fleshed out, so please, if this is your interest too, let’s talk!


I’m not a programmer, although I am very willing to learn if necessary, along with any other necessary skills. I’m currently studying Information Technology right now, so I do have a decently strong tech background, and like I said, I love to study Chemistry in my free time, so if there’s any way to contribute, even if it’s just adding scan profiles to a database, I’m all in!


I posted this in the other hard reduction thread as well.  Let’s do this! :good: