Hi John,

Thank you for you ideas and feedback.


Confidence level is now available is SCiO Lab Mobile when you test your model, you will see the model’s response and a number in brackets. That number is the confidence level of the answer – 0 means no confidence (theoretically should never happen), and 100 means full confidence.

In addition to the confidence level, you can train the model to disregard scans that look significantly different than the scans used to train the model (the response will be “null” in that case).

To activate the “outlier detection” feature, use the expert mode, click on the settings button (cog wheel on the right), and check the “outlier detection” option.


About sharing and collaboration – we are very much in favor of creating it in the future, at this point we can help by copying and merging collections from different users. Please contact us at dev@consumerphysics.com if you have a specific request in mind (some developers already have shared the collections with each other).