Okay yeah that helped out a lil more so okay so let me pose this question to you then. Cannabis or Marijuana has many active ingredients or cannaboids such as: THC, CBD, THCA etc would it in theroy be possibly to tell the percentage of THC in a cannabis strain… AND be able to classify it as to what strain it is.  I understand that you would need many samples so if conditions were right plenty of samples and the chemical makeups  (THC, CBD, CBN, THCA) of the strain of cannabis  in theory would it be possible to create a Database that can analyze the chemical components and spit out answer.

“we do not separate and analyse it per specific molecules, rather we look at the whole composition.”

But is it possible to build a model that looks for specific trace amounts of a molecular such as THC if there is an abundance of samples?

“it should be noted that building the database for such an application requires not only access to samples but also their chemical characteristics”

Chemical Characteristics such as THC, CBD etc Correct?

Also are devkits shipping out now? or it it a pre order still unsure of this.